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Nest aims to draw revenue from all classical streams of mobile gaming revenue which includes:
  • In-Game Purchases: Purchases of digital assets, characters, power ups and more.
Nest's novelty is adding in NFTS to give gamers a premium experience where they can be owners of their in-game assets and derive revenue through play to earn blockchain technology.
This introduces additional areas of revenue:
  • NFT Sales: Nest will do quarterly NFT drops. Each drop will be unique and specific to upcoming mini-games and game modes.
  • NFT Royalties Nest earns a 5% royalty on all secondary marketplace sales.
  • $NEST appreciation and Transaction Fees: We would take a 2% fee of all on-app transactions. This will help reduce and control the circulating supply of $NEST. As the ecosystem grows and we acquire more players, hence creating value for $NEST, we will benefit from price appreciation of our $NEST tokens holding.
Fee Structure:
  • Fees are applied on the app for every transaction. The size of the fee is dependent on the form of transaction. Nets fee structure:
Premium Subscription
$15.95 USD per month
Wager Entry
2% Fee
Multiplayer Earnings
2% Fee
Secondary NFT Market Sales
2% Fee