The video gaming industry is growing at a parabolic rate. Gaming is eating the internet and we believe crypto will eat gaming. Growing markets are essential for the long term success and profitability of a company. Until recently the ability to profit from playing video games has been scarce. This would ideally be based upon a gamers ability to attract a large audience or become extremely skillful in a game to win tournaments.

Cryptocurrency provides an enticing solution for many gamers looking to earn in exchange for their time and effort that the traditional online gaming market has yet to solve.

Nest is being developed on Solana for its transparency, minimal transaction fees and remarkably fast speeds which will make earning with our app, profitable and enjoyable to use.

Utilizing the newest digital asset ‘NFTS’ allows players to own their in-game purchases and characters. Opening up yet another possibility for profitability in ways such as trading items and characters on secondary marketplaces just like how others trade sports cards online.

Nest is a combination of 3 rapidly increasing multi-million-dollar markets: NFTS, mini games, and play to earn, all merged by blockchain technology.

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