Nest fulfills the huge demand in 3 separate multi-billion-dollar markets

With the lack of games with play-to-earn features, slow adoption and user friendly platforms - there is a massive audience for Nest. The app is remarkably simple with a light joyful UI, hundreds of gameplay possibilities, and most importantly, blockchain is what the market craves.

Nest is one of the first decentralized blockchain-based arcades that unites millions of blockchain and gaming enthusiasts in a community where you can buy, stake and breed in-game assets and play them for actual profit in a fast, none time consuming way.

Ownership at the highest level

Blockchain allows players to own their in-game characters and items as NTFS. These items are stored in the user's wallet and can be transferred or sold on secondary and in-game marketplaces.

Nest players will have full control over all in-game assets including their high-scores. Asides from owning their characters, power-ups, items and more, players will be able to mint their high-scores as NTFS and truly own their achievements.

Gameplay variety:

Nest will launch dozens of high-end mini-games per year to be hosted on the App. With every new mini-game launched, brings a new audience of players and gives our current users more game modes to engage with.

Having multiple game types makes our marketing even more powerful. We’re able to advertise each game mode to a specific audience to acquire users at a cheaper rate.

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