Nest Arcade is the first ‘Play to Earn’ arcade that unites millions of crypto enthusiasts and gamers into a community where they can play engaging mini-games, purchase characters and items as NTFS and exchange time and effort for profit.

The Nest platform is simplistic yet brings in innovative complex features at the same time. The platform itself will be a fun modern design that simply hosts a variety of mini-games. The platform over time will introduce features such as:

  • Staking Locking playable NFTS and $NEST to earn recurring token rewards and benefits.

  • Multiplayer Game modes

  • Tournaments: Compete with friends and others in games to win prizes, NFTS and tokens

  • Purchasable power ups: Enhance gameplay through purchasing power ups for specific game types using $NEST tokens

  • NFT High-scores: Mint their high-score as an NFT in real time

As the app develops and the team expands the game types and quality of games will only increase. Making the platform the go to play to earn an arcade on the blockchain.

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