Problems Targeted

Rising Demand In Play To Earn Functionality:

Quick to play mini-games (angry birds, candy crush, and many others) are on it’s own a billion-dollar industry. In the current state, players are not financially rewarded for their effort, time and money spent in a game.

With the rising interest and awareness of blockchain gaming, players are now discovering they can be finally rewarded for playing games. We believe this is where the future is headed and see a massive opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand and interest of blockchain gaming.

Owning In-Game Assets:

Free to play mini-games generate millions of dollars each year from in-game purchases alone. Although the games are free. Users are incentivized to purchase items, characters, skins, power ups and more to enhance gameplay, user experience and save time. Up until now users were essentially renting their in-game purchases, once you leave the game so do your characters and in-game purchases.


  • Other blockchain games: Are complicated and require a lot of time to build before they can start acquiring users.

  • Other blockchain games: Appeal to just one niche audience. Honing a game style that only suits one style of user. This adds friction to advertising and requires prospects to be nurtured on a higher level before converting, making the cost of acquiring a user more expensive

  • Other blockchain games: Are time consuming. They require a larger allocation of time from users to level up and progress. Time is a valuable asset consumers are becoming more and more aware of.

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