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NFT Marketplace

The nest marketplace is for NFTS that are playable across one or more games on the Nest Arcade platform. Purchase an NFT and immediately use it within games.
  • If the user decides to buy an NFT from the marketplace for a fixed price, $NEST is being written off from their wallet. The purchased NFT are accounted to their wallet. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from sale.
  • If the user has purchased an NFT for a fixed price from another user. NFT ownership is reassigned to the corresponding buyer's wallet. $NEST is reassigned to the user that sold that NFT. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from sale.
  • If a user decides to mint a brand new randomly generated NFT from an official Nest collection drop, $NEST is written off from their wallet and the purchased NFT is accounted to their wallet. All profits from sale go to Nest.
All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency - fiat or crypto. All NFTs sales are made in $NEST